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Aarons Alley prides itself on supporting its local community with our consignment program. We currently have over 30 artists who consign their merchandise at Aarons Alley.

We are currently not accepting any new consigners. Please check back with us later!

Artist Spotlight


Artist Spotlight

Gia Conti

I love painting little animals and fantasy creatures. Why? Because I want you to love them too! I love the intense and fluid nature of watercolor. I create highly saturated, tasty watercolor paintings of real and imaginary life forms. I am a self taught Rochester artist and I hope that I can shed a new and beautiful light on under appreciated, over looked and imaginary creatures . I have stickers, art prints and original watercolors available of my work.


I have been a vendor at Aaron’s Alley for almost 10 years . I am so proud to be a part of a Rochester institution as wonderful as Aaron’s Alley . Aaron’s Alley is a warm, inviting community store that supports local Rochester artisans and offers unique and funky merchandise. A Rochester Gem!

Spotlight - Gia

Artist Spotlight

Gods 'n Gladiators

Alex is the man behind Gods n’ Gladiators. A staple at Aaron’s Alley since 2011 - Alex always found a way to incorporate the love for his hometown into each individual work of art. His clothing line is just that, wearable art. No two pieces are the same. From beautiful wall art, to functional clothing - Alex is sure to put his artistic touch into every piece.

Spotlight - Gods N Gladiators
Spotlight - Kelsey

Artist Spotlight

Kelseylee Artisty

Kelseylee Artisty has not only been a Consigner of ours for 10+ years, she has also worked behind our counters for quite some time! A successful crafter and artist in every sense of the word, Kelsey has been using her hands to creat art for 20 years now. Always staying true to her bright and loving self, Kelsey has a nack for always knowing what the masses wants. From knit hand warms, to mushroom earrings, to the cutest bite size prints of her original art, Kelsey manages to keep herself busy, and our customers very very happy.

Check back for more artist spotlights coming soon.

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